louis’s swoopy hair requested by kara

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Let’s look at his history of 1d blinds. Going back now- none of these were ground-breaking stories. None were a surprise. And all but one (and that one is arguable) were actually published after the items were highly discussed in this fandom online via Twitter/Tumblr.


Hmm…. well this…



At first I thought this was one of those Larry AU’s where they use other videos of gay couples kissing and holding each other and stuff but then I realized that this really was all them.

Well fuck you too.

Tonight Liam demonstrated to me that he is a man. His arms are
massive. His hair is perfect. His face looks like a Greek God. He also has
an amazing voice, incredible stage presence, and it just felt like he really
wanted to be there and was loving every second of it. [source]

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the lip bite was unnecessary but then he fucking goes and dimps the dimple like 3ft in lyke y r u duin this 2 me

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One Direction - Where We Are Tour (Europe)

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